About Us

Aalayavani Magazine (in English) publishes articles dealing with the richness of our Sanatana dharma, the historical significance of the ancient Temples and the Moola viraat, architectural history of the Temples, significance of visiting the Temples, the celebration of various festivals in numerous Temples across the globe, scientific contribution of Hinduism, meaning and significance of traditions and customs, Murthy worship, the rituals conducted during the inauguration of the Temples, meaning of various marriage steps, the significance of shodasopachara pujas, universal appeal of yoga and mediation, uniqueness of Guru Tattva, karma Philosophy, documentation of reincarnation experiences, biography of numerous rishis and saints,  richness of the characters found in Itihasas and other scriptures, contribution of Hindu scriptures to the world, the philosophy of ahimsa, need for preservation and protection of Hinduism to the very existence of human survival, conversion strategies, devastating effect of terror and violence, danger of exclusive religious ideology, and the philosophy of “live and let live.”

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